Governor Cuomo’s most recent executive order requires employees “present in the workplace” to wear “face coverings” when in “direct contact with customers or members of the public.”  The order further requires that employers pay for and provide such face coverings.  The order is effective Wednesday night, April 15, 2020 at 8:00pm.

While the order does not comprehensively define “face covering,” regular cloth masks are sufficient.  Employers need not seek N-95 surgical masks, which are already in notoriously short supply for front line health care workers.

The executive order follows similar mandates from Mayor Bill de Blasio for New York City workers and Governor Phil Murphy for New Jersey workers and customersConnecticut’s Essential Safe Store Rules already require external-facing employees to wear face masks and gloves.

The state-specific orders build on the Center for Disease Control’s recent guidance that anyone in public should utilize a cloth face covering.

As COVID-19 related employment guidance keeps rolling out at a furious pace, please contact Murtha’s employment group for assistance interpreting or implementing Governor Cuomo’s new order, or any other law concerning the pandemic.